Lowongan Rekrutmen LotteMart PT Lotte Mart Indonesia

Rekrutmen LotteMart – sentraloker.net – PT. Lotte Mart Indonesia sedang membuka kesempatan berkarir melalui Lowongan Kerja Terbaru pada posisi sebagai berikut :

Store General Manager (SGM)

  • Store General Managers are responsible for running the retail store. They manage everything from checking inventory to disciplining and training employees to deciding which products to stock on shelves. They make sure the store is performing well, that customers are satisfied and that subordinates are productive. Achieve their objectives through effective planning, setting sales goals, analyzing data on past performance, and projecting future performance. Store General Managers can be asked to work in a variety of environments; they may work in the office, on the retail floor, or at a warehouse. This position needed for our company’s expansion next year.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s Degree with minimum of 5 years experience as a Store Manager in retail company.
  • Excellent Negotiation and Persuasive Selling Skills; a proven track record of establishing and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers is a plus.
  • Knowledge of purchasing and forecasting systems.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and work with speed and accuracy.
  • Excellent computer skills, including advanced Excel and MS Office.
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills (written and verbal), and excellent relationship building skills.
  • Demonstrate sound judgment and problem solving skills, and ability to work autonomously.
  • Excellent leadership capabilities with strong management skills.
  • Must be a detail oriented team player, Strong organizational and multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Capable of seeking out new ideas, exhibit initiative and be proactive.
  • Managing complex customer relationships.
  • Clear and effective oral presentation of ideas/recommendations & effective written communication.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Ready and Willing to be placed anywhere all over Indonesia.


Para peminat dapat melakukan pendaftaran secara online dengan membuka link di bawah ini :

Tentang LotteMart

Rekrutmen LotteMart

PT. Lotte Shopping Indonesia (Lotte Grosir) & PT. Lotte Mart Indonesia (Lotte Mart) is part of LOTTE GROUP, one of the 5 largest business groups in Korea and became the first Korean multinational retail company who involve to modern market and retail wholesale industry in Indonesia. We are here to provide the quality products & competitive price for business partners needs. Along with the development of the company, we are looking for young professionals who are potential, dynamic and passionate to join in to developing the company.

LOTTE was founded in 1948 and this year celebrates its 67th year. The Company name of LOTTE comes from the nickname of Lotte for Charlotte, the heroine in the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther written by the great German literary figure Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and this name was used to represent the desire for the company to be loved by everyone.

Today LOTTE has grown into a general sweets producer family as “The Sweetheart of Your Mouth” through the wide variety of products we offer including chewing gum, chocolate and cookies. We are grategul for your support that has made this possible.

In addition, the diversification and internationalization of the Company’s business have led to diversification into wide range of fields in Japan and represented by Lotteria, the mainly in Asia and America, and is expanding into and growing into a wide variety of fields, particulary in the foodstuffs industry in South Korea.

LOTTE has now grown into a global company group over 50 companies in Japan and overseas. There is not room to introduce all of them on our website, but there is much information about the main companies, so we would be pleased if you tool advantage of this information to deepen your understanding of LOTTE’s business and products.

LOTTE will continue expanding its activities to remain a company loved by everyone. We would be grateful for your continuing support.

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